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Originally Posted by setimike View Post
I am putting together a series of Solo games based in the Clement Sector. They will be centering around Dashwood in the Dade subsector. Originally, for some reason my children were drawn to Dashwood through character gen and thought it sounded like a neat place. Recently I was inspired by two things I read online that I thought tied neatly in to Dashwoods consensus decision making for the greater good. And So the stories will revolve around organizations based at least partially out of Dashwood, looking to improve the situation for Dashwood, while at the same time trying to provide for the betterment of all mankind in the Clement Sector.

First their will be a Merchant/Star Trader scenario a Merchant vessel working for the Dashwood Development Corporation which provides logistical and financial support to the organization while working independently to support their funding.

The second will be an Exploration scenario based out of Dashwood working for an academic/scientific community known as Clement University-Dashwood which will be undertaking exploration and survey work for Dashwood while at the same time conducting deep space observations and research with the hope of finding and identifying wormholes.

Outstanding. This sounds like a great amount of fun!

If you own our adventure Grand Safari, this might help your campaign a bit. Currently, it is one of the later things on the list to get an update from Mongoose to CE and, as such, it is not currently on the market for sale.

If you don't own it, please send me a PM.
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