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Wally is a member of HRH's Own Marine Commandos. Notice all of the nasty little -1's...

He went to HRH's Own Naval Academy. Notice all the nasty little -1's...

SEH first term out of the Academy. 2 MCGs. 5 Campaign ribbons (Mags, need Chrome for these), wounded twice. Promoted to Baronet upon retirement. (Mags, prefer my hexes be on my homeworld if possible).

Still need to equip, and pick my free weapon. Guidance from HRH on this choice would be appreciated.
"Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet." - General James Mattis.

3 times elevated Knight of the Iridium Throne, Marquis Djar, Marquis of the Solomani Rim (Fafhrd), Count Uakye, and Count Jana. Duke Ninua of the Imperial Core.