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Originally Posted by ThunderChilde View Post
In keeping with the spirit of the discussion and being too new to the boards to have seen the flamewar that came before, here goes.

MGT is my Traveller of choice for now. My LBB's were the victims of a flood, along with an awful lot of my gaming treasures going back to the mid seventies.
You can replace the entire CT canon for $35+$5.50 S&H. This gets you a CD-ROM with all GDW Classic Traveller material.

Another $35 gets you all of the Journal of the Traveller's Aid Society issues (including the Challenge Magazine inserts).

You can buy the reprinted LBBs #0-8 for $28.00. Various other collections (Supplement 1-13; Adventure 1-13, etc.) run ~$28-35.

So if you prefer CT, you can replace your collection for less than the cost of MGT.
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