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Thumbs up FRANK MASUDA (ex-Scout Ranger)

Frank Masuda
Imperial eXogalactic Scout Service, Permatic Imperium

Player: SpaceBadger; Created: 01 May 2014, for Magnus's PbP Game
Name: Francisco Jackson Masuda (Frank, Pancho)
Born: 301-154 PI, Died: N/A, Seven Terms, Age: 46
Hair: Brown, Eyes: Blue, Height: 1.9m, Mass: 91 kg
Title(s): Senior Scout (7 terms), Knight of the Empire (KE), Knight of the Prepared Order of the Compass and Beacon (KB)
Fame: 19 (3 x Discoverer of [Something], plus 7 for public arrests as Ranger)
(additonal Fame 9 for secret activity as Ranger Agent limited to Need to Know) Total Fame 19+9=28
Mustering Out Money: Cr90,000

Description: Frank Masuda (Pancho to old friends) is a deceptively mild, plain-featured man. Casual friends would call him a calm, friendly person. Those with sufficient security clearance to know of his exploits as a Ranger Agent would laugh out loud at such a description. He commonly wears his old Scout Service shipsuit, unless the circumstances call for dressing up or down. He always carries at least one non-lethal weapon, varying according to local legal restrictions. If expecting trouble, he will also be carrying (holstered) his TL-F Gauss pistol with selectable ammunition (tranq, frag, penetrator) from his Ranger days.

He is frequently found around starports, either operating his detached duty Type S Scoutship Vargr's Grin or else working on some other ship, or doing a favor for someone down on his/her/its luck. His one public lament is that he never made enough discoveries for a TAS membership, and he jokes sometimes about saving his pennies to buy his way in.

UPP (final): 7DBA6C
UPP (birth): 9A9944
Genetic Profile: 6633X2

Skills: Actor-2, Admin-1, Advocate-2, Animals-0(Rider-1), Astrogator-2, Bureaucrat-2, Driver-0(Grav-1), Electronics-2, Fighter-3(Unarmed-2), Flyer-0(Grav-2), Forensics-4, Gravitics-2, Hostile Environment-1, JOT-1, Language: TBD-2, Pilot-2(SmallCraft-2), Recon-2, Sensors-2, Stealth-4, Streetwise-3, Survey-2, Survival-3, Trader-1, Vaccsuit-2

[Cascades: Starship-6: Astrogator-2, Pilot-2(SmallCraft-2); Soldier-2: Recon-2]

Heridis [FARS 1128] C 745 744-B S Ag Na Pi Tz 800 Im.
HW Skills: Animals, Survey, JOT, Driver(Grav)

Education: ED5

Imperial Scout Service (Exploration & Contact) - Three Terms
- made three Discoveries, received three Discovery Grants
- received Type S Scoutship on detached duty status
- Fame 12 from three Discoveries

Imperial Scout Service (Ranger Branch)
- Four Terms (Agent)
- four undercover (Marine Officer, Merchant Steward, Merchant Astrogator, Citizen)
- received four Commendations: 3, 6, 5, 2 (16 total)
- awarded two Knighthoods upon retirement: Knight of the Empire (KE) and Knight of the Prepared Order of the Compass and Beacon (KB)
- received Life Insurance benefit in recognition of exemplary service in hazardous duty
- Fame 16 from Commendations (7 public knowledge, 9 only for those with Need to Know)
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