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I agree that the MT starship combat rules lack some zing.

I think as a wargame, it's fine, but I've always had a problem with 20 minute turns being 'exciting'.

Guess I grew up with too much Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers, and Star Wars.

I'm keeping my current group out of starship combat for now, but later I'll bring it all together.

I am toying with the idea of making starship combat completely skill based, with certain adjustments for computer power and weapon effects.

I think the biggest problem is that while the MT SS combat does allow for skill replacement of certain computer factors, etc, most often I find that on the 'real' military vessels, their computer number is usually higher than character skill levels.

Why learn Turret weapons-3 only to not be able to use it when firing weapons from a ship with a model 3+ computer?

Once I figure out how I want to spice things up I'll post it for everyone's feedback.

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