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Originally Posted by combatmedic View Post
My recently purchased PDF of The Spinward Marches mentions the Vargr (without defining them as wolf-men descended from genetically altered Terran canines) and the Zhodani.
The Zhodani are described as one of five human races known to the Imperium.
Not one of forty or so human races.

I know that a pamphlet called 'Aliens for Traveller' was distributed in 1981.

Which races were part of published Traveller before that pamphlet?

When did Droyne, the Hiver/Hivers, Aslan, Vilani, etc. first make published appearances?

I'm also interested in any races appearing in Judges Guild and other third-party publications, which might have been later excluded from the OTU.
I don't recall there being any when the game first came on the scene ... erm, yeah, I think there was that "ancient" lizard race with Shadows ... Aslan were mentioned in Mission on Mithril per the cave carving event. By 81 Aslan and Vargr, and I think some mention of the Zhos. Not much beyond that. Or so I recall.

I'm sure I'll get corrected.
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