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Combat Slow TL-10+ 5000Cr/dose[/B]

Similar to Slow drug, Combat Slow was developed by the military. While itís effects last as long as regular Slow drug, there is no damage penalty after it wears off. The character can make 2 attacks, and can move twice the speed of others.

Unfortunately it has been found to be highly addictive and accumulates in the body over time. As a result, every other time the character uses it he must throw against his endurance to avoid addiction. The first time it is 1D6 vs End or less. On the 3rd dose the roll is 2D6 vs. End or less and so on. Addiction results in each time the drug wears off the character loses 1 point of endurance and strength permanently until the drug is redministered. Then Ĺ the lost points are temporarily restored until the drug wears off and another point is lost, and so on. Since the effects are cumulative the character can waste away until medical treatment is received to recover all but 2 of the lost points (in both strength and endurance) through therapy and treatment.
Wouldn't this affect the user's appetite and initiative similarly to the way having a fast metabolism does?
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