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Lots of affordable figure options in 15mm, from: Ground Zero Games (GZG) in the UK, Rebel Minis, Khurasan, Old Glory, RAFM, etc., etc.. Sometimes they have sales, making them an even better value.

There are quite a few spacecraft options too, in 15mm, for reasonable prices.

There are also some in 25mm+ scale too, up to and including the various 32mm Clix figures, of which many can be quite reasonable. You don't need too many for a game, or three, unless you are a megalomaniac like many minis collectors/gamers.

I'm working on acquiring buildings, landing pads, a runway, vehicles, figures, and spacecraft for various spaceports - from outposts to fairly large, well traveled ones with lots of areas, buildings, and other things to explore, protect, or break into, and fight over.
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