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Default New Medical Drugs

I thought I had posted this before, but maybe not. In any case, since the Red Bag thread showed some interest in the drugs I mentioned there, I'll list them here again. They make a good starting point for anyone else's in any case...

No-Shok TL-9 100Cr/dose

Medical drug tailored to treat shock from sudden traumatic injury and/or blood loss with some effectiveness in treating physical shock resulting from psychological stress. Characters who have one attribute zeroed can immediately regain consciousness when the drug is administered for a number of minutes equal to 2x current endurance. If 2 attributes are zeroed then the drug must be administered with HDAP and the character will regain consciousness for a number of minutes equal to current endurance. If endurance is zeroed in either case, then the drug will allow the character to be “stabilized” for purposes of emergency medical care but he will not regain consciousness for more than 1 minute.

HDAP TL-7+ 100Cr./dose

Powerful stimulant (hyper-dexamylophet) useful for treating wounds or fatigue. One dose will double endurance for counting blows, fatigue, and adds half again to strength for lifting purposes. For damage purposes both endurance and strength have ˝ their current points added to them, but when the drug wears off the added points are removed which could result in the character’s death or serious wounding.

The effects last for one hour, after which the character receives 1D6 damage to current (non-amplified, but possibly reduced by wounds) strength and endurance each. If this results in the characteristics in reaching zero then No-Shok can be applied to stabilize the character and avoid possible death by moving each characteristic zeroed back to 1 point. Effects of multiple doses are cumulative so the drug can be very dangerous to use if medical treatment is not available.

Anti-REM TL-9+ 800Cr./dose per rating level

Helps the body to resist radiation poisoning and damage. The drug is rated at levels 1-5 which each translates to a percentile reduction of radiation damage which might be received as result of high radiation weapon hits. For example, crew taking the drug have the percentile chance given by the drug’s rating as a saving throw against becoming casualties from radiation weapon hits such as from PAW’s. On the ground troops entering nuclear contaminated areas who might take damage from exposure have the damage reduced by the percentile rating of the drug.

MetaBrake TL-9+ 2000Cr./dose

MetaBrake reduces the user’s body functions and metabolism to a state similar to the cold sleep used in low-berthing. When injected with Medical (or Medical Slow) and No-Shok the drug can stabilize a character who has had his characteristics reduced to zero (dead, so long as the body is more or less intact enough to support life – use common sense here) long enough for emergency medical care to resuscitate him after surgery. The effects of the drug used in this mode last for 1 hour, after which the character cannot be resuscitated.

The other common use of the drug is to put a character in a state of suspended animation lasting for up to 4 days, or until the antidote is given. The drug is risky to use; the roll for recovery is the same as for low-berthing but with a DM of +1 added to the required roll for every dose taken. Because the drug accumulates in the endocrine system and has a risk of lasting negative effects thereby, users usually wear a medalert tag indicating the number of times the drug has been taken. Each time the drug is used there is a cumulative 10% chance of an additional +1DM added to the required roll for recovery which is permanent.

The common uses for the drug (legal ones anyway) are for combat casualties, accident victims, and it is often included in lifeboat emergency medical kits.

Combat Slow TL-10+ 5000Cr/dose

Similar to Slow drug, Combat Slow was developed by the military. While it’s effects last as long as regular Slow drug, there is no damage penalty after it wears off. The character can make 2 attacks, and can move twice the speed of others.

Unfortunately it has been found to be highly addictive and accumulates in the body over time. As a result, every other time the character uses it he must throw against his endurance to avoid addiction. The first time it is 1D6 vs End or less. On the 3rd dose the roll is 2D6 vs. End or less and so on. Addiction results in each time the drug wears off the character loses 1 point of endurance and strength permanently until the drug is redministered. Then ˝ the lost points are temporarily restored until the drug wears off and another point is lost, and so on. Since the effects are cumulative the character can waste away until medical treatment is received to recover all but 2 of the lost points (in both strength and endurance) through therapy and treatment.
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