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Originally Posted by Ronnke View Post
- Ignore the advanced/tactical combat chapters, don't even open this section of the rules. If you want to play detail lite, then you really don't need anything more than the GURPS Lite book.

- For cinematic style, fast play, all non-consequential NPCs automatically fail defense, consciousness and death rolls.

- Ignore the detailed range modifiers and use the range band rules.
Short (-3), Medium (-7), Long (-11), and Extreme (-15).

- Ignore hit locations (however they can be fun...Boom! Headshot!)
Hi Ronnke - thanks for the insight. I followed your suggestions and have been using GURPS Lite to do some fantasy stuff. But let me ask few questions on GURPS in Sci-Fi. How can I speed up autofire? I saw your above post, and do not feel like doing all the math and dealing with the extra bullets, and additional dice rolls. Due to the latter, would it be possible to have a simple system for additional damage like in traveler? I am willing to give up some of the detail of autofire rules for just some simplicity during attacks.

Currently, I am giving my players the following options on autofire: +5 points of damage, or +1 per dice - whatever is better. I saw something else in GURPS Lite handle something else like this, so I thought it was a fitting method.

Also - yes I did ditch the dodge roll, and HT rolls for my NPC.

Looking for some house-rule GURPS suggestions.

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