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I highly recommend GURPS, simply because of its flexibility, it will handle any character concept, in any genre you or your players conceive. GURPS is a toolkit system, designed to be scaled to suit the player’s style. You can play simple and rules-lite, up to detailed stimulation style play. Many new players make the mistake of turning all the dials and find themselves somewhat overwhelmed. It usually takes a little time to find your comfort zone.

There is a book published for GURPS which goes a long way to helping you find that comfort zone. "How to Be a GURPS GM", is very useful for both new and veteran players.

There is also a YouTube series created by, Nolinquisitor, which I highly recommend. It's a step by step introduction to the system.

I came from CT, during the before time, started playing GURPS around the 90's and it slowly became my go to system for all my roleplaying. It became the last system I ever needed to learn (as a GM).

Side note, the autofire rules are really quite simple.

Decide how many shots you are firing, up to the weapons Rate of Fire (Rof), then make a single roll on your modified guns skill. One bullet will hit if you succeed the skill roll. You score additional hits based on the margin of your success, divided by your weapons Recoil (Rcl), round down.

Modified Guns Skill = 14.
Say you rolled a 7.
The Margin of Success is (skill 14 - roll 7) = Succeed by 7.
Your weapon has an Rcl of 2.

The result:
1 bullet hit for a successful roll.
3 additional hits calculated on the margin of success divided by the recoil (7 divide 2, round down).
Total of 4 hits.

If the victim of your aggression knew the attack was coming, they may attempt a Dodge. They will dodge 1 bullet for a successful roll and additional bullets, equal to the margin of success.

Dodge of 9
Roll 8
1 bullet dodged for a success
1 additional bullet dodged for the margin of success (dodge 9 - roll 8 = 1)

So in this sample encounter, your victim will be hit by 2 of the total 4 bullets and will be less than happy.
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