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Originally Posted by jaz0nj4ckal View Post
Hi Aramis - So we took your advise and tried GURPS Lite, and one player did bring the two core books. Between the three resources we tried our hand at GURPS. You are right - it is a little too detailed for my liking; however, I was able to strip some items out - I did not have general NPC make dodge rolls (don't really understand the dodge roll, and why it can't be calculated into hit to speed up dice rolling) , and limited the skills.

In addition, it might be due to my first time with GURPS, but the autofire rules are a little detailed, all that extra lead flying around.

All-in-all I liked the experience, but I'm not sure if I would run it again.

Can you offer any recommendation to use the GURP system, but scale back the detailness of it? I like the idea of the system, but a little too detailed for me and my group.

I don't recommend GURPS, period.
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