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Originally Posted by aramis View Post
Not particularly. GURPS tends to be a fairly detailed ruleset, tho the lite version is useable enough in that mode. Further, GURPS Traveller supplements seem to have been focused upon filling in all those "left to the Ref" details from CT.
Hi Aramis - So we took your advise and tried GURPS Lite, and one player did bring the two core books. Between the three resources we tried our hand at GURPS. You are right - it is a little too detailed for my liking; however, I was able to strip some items out - I did not have general NPC make dodge rolls (don't really understand the dodge roll, and why it can't be calculated into hit to speed up dice rolling) , and limited the skills.

In addition, it might be due to my first time with GURPS, but the autofire rules are a little detailed, all that extra lead flying around.

All-in-all I liked the experience, but I'm not sure if I would run it again.

Can you offer any recommendation to use the GURP system, but scale back the detailness of it? I like the idea of the system, but a little too detailed for me and my group.

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