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The GM will decide on the power level s/he wants characters to be (eg 100pts basic characters, 200+ for veteran heroes, 500+ for truly legendary characters). All players will have this amount of points to spend on their characters. The player may choose to build off a template (in all or part), or build their character from scratch if they want something a more specific/tailored. The templates themselves are just a guide to the sort of traits a stereotypical class of character will have. If you were going to build a soldier who was also a medic, then you would select elements from both templates. The templates are for creating quick, cookie cutter, characters.

When the player has the concept of the character they wish to make, then they will spend points on stats, advantages and skills for that character. They can also opt to add some flavour/personality to their characters by selecting disadvantages and quirks, this gives them additional points they can spend. When you add all the positive traits (high stats, skills, advantages) and subtract the negative traits (low stats, disadvantages, quirks), your final character total should equal the power level the GM has chosen.

GURPS is character centric, you have the flexibility to make any type of character you want, as a result there is a lot of detail that can go into character creation, should you chose it. Otherwise, you can simply choose a template and play.

If you are unfamiliar with GURPS and want to get a better understanding, then I suggest you download the free “GURPS Lite” PDF.

Hope that helps.
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