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Default Character kits and CP values

Just purchased the GURPS version of Traveller - just out o curiosity. One thing I do not understand are the CP value of the templates.

Lets say that the max CP a starting character can have is 100CP, but I noticed a few character templates have only 75 - 80 CP, where the soldier has 100CP.

To make the other character template attractive - do you give unallocated CP to the template, and the player can invest them where their want?

I am not getting this - because as a player if the max point system is 100CP, and my template is only using 80CP, I would feel that I am being cheated, since I have 20 unallocated CP.

Not sure if I would ever use the GURPS system - little clueless as to the point buy of CP, but it did seem complete.

thank you
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