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Good afternoon, Guys,

Just wanting to check and see if anyone besides myself is going to be running a Traveller game (of any rules system) at GenCon Indy this year?

I've got three T20 games set up, and from what I've seen of the RPGs so far, that's it. No GT, no CT, no MT, no chances for the little Ref to actually play a bit himself...

In case you're interested, you've got another week to submit your gaming events (until May 16th). Also, if you run 16 hours at the Con, you get your ticket reimbursed after the Con. If you run 32 hours at the Con, you also get your quarter of the Hotel room reimbursed.

Hunter, will you have any fliers or handouts you want me to give the players of my games to help advertise QLI and T20 (besides us just playing it)?

Hoping to see more Traveller action available before the week is out. [img]smile.gif[/img]


BTW, the website can be found at:
Jason "Flynn" Kemp
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