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One thing to poiint out. "Real Autofire" is excessively ineffective. (Which is why most modern weapons have burst limiters.) Firing 30 rounds from your Assault Rifle, SMG, even Machinegun, is unlikely to create more hits than a 3-4 round burst, in fact it is less likely to create hits than that same 3-4 round burst. (Though a true Machinegun the ideal burst size is closer to 6-9 rounds.) Recoil is going to cause your weapon to rise to the point that indoors you are almost going to be picking plaster out of your hair.

(It isn't, literally, quite that bad but an M-16 on full auto fired at a target at 100 meters clamped to a bench, the second round tends to be about 1.5 meters high. For game effect I have had characters empty their magazines into the ceiling. Lesson learned and the looks on their faces was priceless. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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