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Hey folks...I'm a little confused about the automatic fire rules for T20. In the weapons table, burst sizes are written as these examples:

SMG 0/4

Gauss Rifle 1/4/10

So far so good. an SMG does ONLY 4 round bursts, and a Gauss Rifle can fire single shots, 4, or ten round bursts.

BUT...what about real full auto fire? In a six second combat round, just about any full auto weapon could easily empty its magazine. CT book 4 (Mercenary) used to have a rule for this, called "panic fire". You'd empty your weapon and get one attack at a big bonus to hit (if I remember correctly).

Does T20 just use different burst sizes as a concession to different weapons' RoF, and does away with real full auto fire? Or is there a rule out there I'm missing? I'm not trying to encourage my players to go nuts on full auto, I just want to know if I'm missing something.
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