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Originally Posted by Xerxeskingofking View Post
A few ideas for slang or sayings form the traveller universe that you or your players could use as flavour or for immersion. suggestions and additions are of course welcome:

Mods, if you feel this isn't the right forum, then please feel free to move it.
The following are my reactions to some of these.

Starless: Someone who lives in one of the underground communities on planets with a hostile atmosphere who has never seen the stars.

GROPOS: Sounds like a sexual offender.

Scarred Hands: A person who has done a lot of manual labor and has the calluses and scars to prove it. Therefore, someone who should be honored for their efforts.

Ka’tai, Alkhalikoi-ko; Meaningless noise, as I have no idea as to what this is. I assume Aslan.

Father: Honorific for "Yahweh", or one's father. If coming from the Solomani, "Big Brother" would be far more representative.

As sincere as a Aslan vegetarian, Vargr freindship, Lies like a Zhodani: Only works if you have some knowledge of who these species are. Quite doubtful in most areas of the Solomani Rim, and meaningless, except for maybe the Aslan, further to the Rimward.

Dropping the Hammer, Dressed, Suited and Booted: Without an explanation, just meaningless military jargon. The average non-military person would have no idea as to what you were saying. My reaction to "Dropping the Hammer" was that you had shot someone.

When you have to explain what you have just said, you loose all of the effect. I have gone through that a fair amount.
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