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Lightbulb Scout upgrades...

Speaking of Scouts with ranks, I need to get together with MajorB and hash out the crew structure of Scout vessels, a fully crewed and maybe even double Crew Diagram.

Right now I figure the Cool class are rather old and were some of the first off the line ships to spur growth of the then not so hot shipyard industries of the sector. By Vladimir's standards they are cheap to Make and upkeep in the early decades of the Imperium when he could hand them out to the new incorporated Member Nations without both tipping His hand about the true capabilities of the newly formed Imperium and having ships that only His WCS yards could maintain. Now though the Core of the Imperium is actually about 1-2 TLs higher than it was listed in the database and on the starchart of the Far Stars sector. This means the Scouts are actually fielding TL-J (18) ships for their second line and passing out these old TL-G models much more than a century ago when the Abreu class were top of the line bleeding edge products of the Rezuunaak-Keith shipyards. So the actual crew structure maybe more like a DD Type-S of the OTU, a lone Scout has the keys and keeps some friends aboard to lend a hand, and maybe a gun. These days the Phoenix class TL-L (20) Type-S ships are coming into the first line. I think those ships might really be able to get away with what Anne McCaffery's scout service called the Brain and Brawn model of crewing, but with an Intrinsic Personality (what we would call a General Artificial Intelligence, but more like Bank's Minds of The Culture) instead of Shell Person.

Anyway, I can see a standard 4 being crew for basic operations, 1 being for emergency operations, and up to 8 crew for long term or "drag and drop" missions where those extra personnel are left on site while the standard crew do something else either in or out of the system. This means the standard 4 person crew will need some minimum Skills & Knowledges to run the ship at optimal efficiency such as Pilot-3 (ACS-2), Engineer-3 (Knowledge-1 in two areas or Knowledge-2 in one area) and Astrogator-3 due to the legs the class has in the Block 1. The Block 2 Refit of the class increases the needed Astrogator to 5 because with the Fuel from the Drop Tank the class has even longer legs than the Block 1 models.

EDIT: The point of the above ramble is most crews will need some two to four Term Scouts to run them at their best without the Computer's assistance. On the other hand with Wafers that might not be such a problem. But that does mean the Scouts serving on Cool class Type-S ships will have some good skill levels and experience. Thus they'll have Scout Ranks within the IXSS Administration, the IAF staffers' TOEs, and of course the Imperial Bureaucracy in general. (I mean Treasury will want its Imperial Service Personnel Pay Allotment Code for processing the CrImps into the Scout's Personal Financial Account(s) after all. )

Such long term Scout on Active Duty will accrue some nice skills and probably from having to wear several positional and operational hats. Cross training is thing in the IXSS of the Permatic Imperium like the IISS of the OTU.
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