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Cool There is indeed a difference.

Originally Posted by 77topaz View Post
Scouts with ranks? That's interesting, because if I recall correctly in the OTU it was always a point that the Scouts didn't have a formal hierarchy like e.g. the Navy had. Granted, these Scouts also seem more closely tied to the armed forces than the OTU Scouts in other ways, such as the Rangers and Pathfinders.
The Scouts of the OTU are mostly intel and comms weenies. The Scouts of the IXSS are extremely far from the Home Galaxy that The Service originally came from. These Scouts have a tradition of having to be a bit more self sufficient and at times more combat orientated though if you pay attention you can see how Special Branch and other Imperial agencies or services might cross the Career path of say a Ranger who gets to use the Agent career. Just saying. Lots of wiggle room in that.

And also it seems that if they are going to be working with the Imperial Armed Forces then they need to be slotted into those TOEs (Tables of Organization & Equipment) that the Ministry of War is so fond of having around to make it look like war was some sort of orderly and clean affair leaving out the part where anti-matter and disintegrators may come into play in space, upside, and dirtside.
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