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I printed the two sides and center separately and glued them together; saw some STL files of WH40k rhinos done the same way. I added peg holes so I could pin it together; that didn't work so well, so I glued carefully.

I have an Ender-3; a basic $200 filament printer. I added a glass bed because the aluminum bed that came with my printer was warped. There is a gentleman on YouTube who prints terrain and models for gaming, and he recommended it. After using mine, I also recommend it, with the caveat that a glass bed is almost a necessary upgrade. I used Hatchbox filament.

The two sides took about 12 hours to print together and the body took about the same (0.1 mm layer - CURA's default "fine" quality with the stock nozzle). No supports, although if I was to print another one, I would add supports to the front "tow hook". That had a slight defect.
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