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Originally Posted by coliver988 View Post
That is really nice - I still cannot justify a 3D printer. Soon I hope!

As a potentially related note: Mongoose will be doing another KS for Traveller mini-combat, at least from the hints given out so far. So we may be getting more 25mm (err, 28? 32?, gads - just stop changing!) Traveller minis at some point. Your ATV would fit right in for that.

And the few times I've tried 3D design it was a lot of frustration. I know it takes time - well, only another decade until I can retired and then I'll have time

I'm also in on the TFT Kickstarter - the classics such as Traveller & TFT are classics for a reason!
I tested out four or five programs - I'm an engineer and programmer, so I have found OpenSCAD and FreeCAD fit my way of thinking better. They have limitations, and don't handle organic shapes well, but it got me started. OpenSCAD uses a programming language to create objects, and FreeCAD uses parametric primitives.

The ATV was created in FreeCad - basically just a bunch of basic objects added and subtracted from each other. I'm sure I created it in the least efficient manner, but it worked.

And on TFT, since they are moving to 1.5 inch hexes, I've created bases to use my large collection of prepainted minis and pathfinder pawns on the MegaHex boards. I posted some pics on the google plus group.
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