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Originally Posted by Andrew Boulton View Post
I think the ship should definitely have nose art. Maybe stick it on mugs, too. I don't see a tramp freighter having a uniform though.
I believe it would be in-character for this particular vessel's background to have (at least) a stack of jumpsuits in ships locker that may or may not be used by the crew. Like a fishing vessel, I see these as having some manner of ship ID, either something silkscreened on or embroidered.

It helps tell the story that the crew, at some point, may have had to ditch their street clothes in favor of whatever they found aboard the ship during it's original "acquisition" in the wilds.

One of the reasons I like the idea of a ship's sigil/coat of arms/logo/whatever is for promotional collateral. If this series becomes popular mugs, patches, or caps or something would be great promotional giveaways at the cons. Even without the "ship's logo idea, though, I doubt we'll be at a loss for that sort of thing.
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