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Vadar – a Fast Liner passenger vessel Zhevra takes Spinward across the Vargr Splinters
Scavenger loot hauler – name never learned by Zhevra
Sixth Horizon – Imperium make, 200dT Far Scout variant, designed by Architect Gevaudan Cannagrrh
Rosenshrike – Regency Cruiser in pursuit of the Sixth Horizon, nicknamed the “bloody butcher-bird”


Ancients – mysterious beings from long ago blamed for the uplift of the Vargr ‘chimera’ race from Terran Canidae family dogs and wolves among other deeds across Charted Space
Runetha Saetedz(817-866) – a deified Vargr scout, pirate, adventurer and hero whose personal philosophy was taken up by his Followers in the Spinward Marches, Third Imperium and other nearby subsectors of inhabited space, now a religion named the High Runetha Federation of Holy Adventurers, Gevaudan is a Follower of the philosophy, a ‘hero’

Llotree (Ktiin’gzat 0839) – Zhevra’s homeworld in the Enclave Famuurueroergoghz of the Vargr Enclaves now Vargr Splinters, somewhat insulated against Virus Era by the Julian Protectorate it debated on joining, a very high-tech world and society of Irilitok, Urzaeng and Suedzuk Vargr with Julian Humaniti present.
Ksoun (Tuglikki 0829) – an asteroid world where Zhevra is first taught to be an enslaved concubine
Rorroksueknea (Gvurrdon 2628) – the Trailing route world of Gevaudan’s slaving project route, a Vargr ranching world on the edge of the Wilds, site of Gevaudan’s Jump
Okhtous (Gvurrdon 2425) – a world along Gevaudan’s slaving project route, used only for wilderness refueling at the local gas giant
Orsesokhin (Gvurrdon 2323) – a high-tech asteroid world and new capital of the much-reduced Thoengling Empire in the Virus Era
Gnoengungag (Gvurrdon 1923) – the ocean islands world of Gnoengungag Bay and Downport where Gevaudan sold his stock of enslaved concubines inside the Safe civilization of the Society of Equals per his project
Dzuerongvoe (Gvurrdon 1413) – capital world of Dzen Subsector in Gvurrdon, homeworld of Gevaudan and Pack Cannagrrh, location of Cannagrrh Villa, a captured world during the Equality War (1111-1116), returned after armistice treaty with the opposing Thirz Empire
Tagnaghoutsozaeng (Gvurrdon 2123) – a rich, water world with less than five percent surface land, non-aligned world but patrolled by the Society of Equals as part of their Quarantine Line

Eras and Events
Rebellion (1116-1130) – a state of affairs during the Third Imperium while the Iridium Throne stood empty and Archdukes and the ‘real’ Emperor Strephon vied for power to ascend the throne
Equality War (1111-1116) – a war of conquest between the Society of Equals and its immediate Spinward neighboring Thirz Empire suspected of being secretly backed by the Zhodani Consulate , losing half its own territory to the Empire, many worlds were returned to the Dzen Aeng Kho after an armistice treaty was signed
Collapse – the breakdown of interstellar communications, trade and movement at the advent of Virus infection spreading from the Third Imperium beginning in 1130
Virus Era (1130-1208) – a period of time marked by robotic, planetary network, orbital facility and starship systems infections by the computer Virus, ships usurped by Virus are called vampires.
The New Era (1208+) – a period of time after the threat of Virus was greatly reduced or quarantined against, new exploration to re-contact the surrounding interstellar words marks this era
Empress Wave – a psychic phenomenon spreading outward from the galactic core at a debated propagation velocity of one parsec per year, drives mad any Psion or person trained in psionics caught by its immeasurable psionic energies, so named for its mental imagery of the so-called “Empress in Black” and strange and alien vistas of civilization
South Wood Hunt – an annual hunt for urraenkaers, large equine ungulate carnivores similar to horses, that herd and chase their smaller prey.
Summer Solstice Fete – an annual celebration, by invitation only, hosted by the Alpha of Pack Cannagrrh. There the estate’s wines are tasted; dancing and social activity occurs.
Virus: When you care to infect the very best.
Empress Wave: Not something done in a local stadium.
Incoming Code: tc 23- mt+ mgt++ tn++ t20- t4- t5++ tp? tg- th? to~ ru+ ge- 3i+ c+ jt- au+ ls+ pi+ ta he+ kk hi+ as++ va++ dr+ ith? vr? ne? so+ zh+ vi+ da+ sy~
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