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Default Vehicle Design Guide Release

Rafe watched the shell from his tank’s 120mm main gun hit the enemy grav tank on the rear quarter facing, punching through the thin armour and sending it spiraling into the side of the closest hill where it exploded into a large fireball. He fancied he heard the tiny shattered pieces patter off the front glacis of his turret.

“Next position Jessika, before they pick on us”

“Aye Skipper”

As his tank swung out of its hide and disappeared into the piled up rubble of the small town, Rafe smiled at the stupidity of an enemy thinking they could mount a big energy gun onto an armoured vehicle and still not provide sufficient armour to protect it. High tech fools.

So you need a vehicle and cannot find the right one? Does the vehicle you have lack for speed or a big gun?

With the Vehicle Design Guide you can simply design your own with your specifications to suit your setting and campaign.

The VDG allows you to design pretty much any vehicle type for any role you can think of. From massive sea going battleships to fast grav vehicles perfect for fast jaunts around the new world your player’s battered trader has arrived to explore.

Included in the VDG are multiple chassis types, weapon types, armour rules and all manner of internal and external options for any design. Further, a new streamlined vehicle combat system is provided. Finally there are over fifty completed vehicles to use in any adventure and for any setting.

Including with this product are a number of form fillable PDF forms, that you can use for your own creations. They cover all the chassis in the book.

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