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Originally Posted by whartung View Post
This guy did exactly that:

He forged casino slot tokens, then proceeded to play the machines and take the payouts.

The casinos picked up on it because they have a finite supply of tokens, say, 10,000 tokens. During a count they discovered they had more tokens.

Part of the technique he used was some kind of machine that could, essentially, create a die from a coin using some electrical method. Obviously, he did more than just that, as he had to match weight and other details. But the duplicating machine was interesting.

Then, of course, there's the continue struggle countries here on Earth have with high level counterfeit operations against their currency.
I saw a documentary on casinos, and he was mentioned in one of the programs. I don't kow if it was him or one of the others, but someone produced slot machine tokens the casino couldn't tell from the ones they had had made.

Same thing caught their eyes, too many of them were in the system. The documentary pointed out that if he hadn't gotten gready, say only made less than 10, he likely would never have been caught.
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