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Originally Posted by CosmicGamer View Post
My thought is a decent doc would be level 2, have a +1 to their primary doc characteristic, and take their time. This would be a total +4, routine task another +2 for a 8 and success even on snakeyes. Chance of failure is if one is not taking their time and/or don't have a decent doctor.
Having an expert medical program give give a +1, or other assistance.
Situational modifiers maybe a higher tech low berth or a medical bay.
Aiding Another Character. "Nurse, monitor the occupants vitals while I revive them."
Pretty much the above for me, especially the bold. I hadn't thought of making it Routine, but that does actually rationalize low berth travel if that's desired.

Originally Posted by CosmicGamer View Post
I'm sure there is something else I'm forgetting.
Skill chains, when available. Say a skilled Engineer (Life Support), with specialized equipment and taking his time, monitors the berths during travel, I'd give that skill check Effect to the defrost.
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