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Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
Crop the image in to focus on the ship more.
Use a photo of clouds to replace the existing computery ones.
Use a radial zoom blur seperately on the background and the ship. Make the background effect quite exaggerated. This will give the image motion and hide the computeriness of the terrain. You might want to add some noise to the image before you do this in order to give the zoom more live pixels to work with.
The more subtle effect on the ship will not only avoid over-blurring it and obscuring it but give the impression that we are moving with it.
Desaturate overall to make the colours more realistic.
Darken the starboard upper surface to enhance the shape of the ship.
Paint over some more detail and markings on the back of the ship to add interest.
Overlay some noise/dirt aswell if only to make the surface more credible to the eye
Finally, maybe a screen pass to boost the lit surfaces and maybe a colour pass to give the image a more uniform pallette.

The ship is too high for a reflection but if you do put it in, it should be subtle, blurred and little more than a shadow. Have a look at footage or images of helicopters flying low over the sea.

you'll find this whole process much cleaner if you render the ship and the background seperately too.
In other words, make it look real.
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