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I'm not really up on the GURPS background. Who actually set up the BWA? Was it the Imperium proper, or was it a local decision by the Spinward Marches nobility? If it came from the core, I fully understand such a ham-fisted approach, as the Sword Worlds probably do not merit much thinking-time in central government circles.

However, from the Spinward Marches perspective, I agree that the BWA is a bad idea in every way. A much more effective method would have been to 'divide and conquer' the already loose Confederation. Not through military force, but economic and political means, creating a mass of bilateral trade agreements between individual Imperial and Confederation border worlds.

Before long, they would be so economically intertwined that warfare would become unthinkable. What is now the BWA would still be nominally Confederation, but in reality they would be closely tied to both the Confederation and the Imperium. Thus you have a de-facto buffer zone, without the stigma of actually imposing and naming it as such.

And yes, I got the idea from the European Union ...
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