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Much as I like the Swordies I can hardly blame the Imperium for setting up the BWA from the moral point of view as the Swordies chose the war in the first place and would likly do so next round.
However it does seem to be bad policy. It seems to be taking all of the disadvantages of ruthlessness(resentment) and magnanimity(leaving a foe alive for next time) with none of the advantages of either(eliminating a foe vs. possibly making a foe an ally).
The SWC is still reasonably strong and could conceivably recover. While the Imperium may be hoping they disintegrate, it may actually have the reverse affect by concentrating attention on a struggle for survival.
The BWA is obviously a client state and even it's name sparks resentment("BORDER worlds" can't help but remind them that they are meant as a buffer zone not a viable state of their own). It is a product of the old "now that we won what do we do"
dilema, but it doesn't seem to be the best soulution.
Is there any way to solve the problem as it stands? Are there any policies that may have worked better?
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