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Horizontal Plotting

Once the vertical plot is done, it’s time to do the horizontal plot. Our thrust is in direction C in the plane of the hex map, and we use the horizontal plotting grid to pick the exact hex we move into.

View large image.

We know we’re thrusting 6 in the plane of the map from the vertical plotting step, so we can pick any hexagon with a 6 in it. We have three to choose from and take the one to the left (taking a bit of thrust in direction B on the map plane). Now we record our thrust on the AVID.

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Once everyone has placed their End of Turn markers, all units move, and complete any pivots and rolls.

After movement, we consolidate our vectors by subtracting the 2 in direction F from the 5 in direction C because they are exactly opposite. We start next turn with vectors of 1 in B, 3 in C, and 3 in up, facing direction C/D, angled up at a 30° angle, with no roll, as shown on the AVID in the next column. We put our End of Turn marker 1 hex in direction B and 3 hexes in direction C from our ship with three stacking tiles under it to show the altitude change. That shows where we’ll be if nothing changes on next turn’s move.

View large image.
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