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Vertical Plotting

The next step is to choose exactly what direction we’re going to apply thrust. We take our thrust (6) and plot it on the vertical plotting grid. Because we pivoted this turn, the thrust gets applied half-way through the pivot. Since we pivoted 2 windows, that puts our thrust in the first window of the pivot, C, Blue, up. Our selection is constrained to the blue boxes; we can pick any of the three blue boxes with a 6 in them. This translates into 6 thrust in the plane of the map and 3 up in altitude. This ability to pick which box you’re using (limited by your thrust) gives flexibility in movement without “sideslips.”

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If our nose had been level and we only had a thrust of 3, we wouldn’t have had a choice because only one box matches. (The yellow box with the 3 in it.)
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