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Plotting Facing Changes

Plotting a movement in 3-D is graphical. We’re going to do a Mode 2 (vector movement) example. If you want to see how Mode 1 (cinematic movement) works, check out the Squadron Strike page.

The first step is drawing your facing changes, if any. Any facing change that moves the front of the ship is a pivot. Any facing change that does not move the front of the ship is a roll. Both rolls and pivots can be done on the same turn, pivots resolve first.

We’ll do a 2 window pivot, from direction B/C, at 0°, to C/D, angled 30° up, while also rolling our ship back to level. We draw this with arrows, like the ones in the illustration below. You’re allowed to make one diagonal transition between AVID windows per facing change.

The arrow outside the AVID pointing in direction F has a 2 in it, meaning the ship has a velocity of 2 in F from a prior turn. This is nearly opposite the direction that the ship’s nose is pointing. Every turn, the ship will move 2 hexes in direction F on the map, sliding almost backwards. This goes on until the ship applies thrust. To come to a stop, it will need to apply 2 thrust in direction C, because that’s the opposite direction.

Our ship will move two hexes this turn, in direction F.
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