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From the FFE Reprint:
Book 2, page 15:
"Ships performing jumps less than their maximum capacity consume fuel at a lower level based on the jump number used."
Book5, page 22,27:
"Fuel usage is commputed similarly; 10% of the ship tonnage in fuel is used per jump number used ...".

I think that Book2 v1 had the jump fuel always used regardless of the distance jumped. Book5 v1 changed that to what we know, and introduced the "jump governor" as a retrofit for Book2 v1 designs to allow them to do the same.

But Book2 v2 removed that restriction, and so Book5 v2 dropped the jump governor. (The FFE Reprints, ST, and TTB are all CT v2.) Consequently, while there is this "collective memory" of a jump governor, none of the easily obtainable rules sets (FFE Reprints, Starter Traveller, The Traveller Book) mentions a jump governor.
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