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If jump engines are modular and you instal jump 6 engines why cant you use only 2 engines if you are only jumping 2 parsecs and use only jump 2 fuel.
From my reading of other threads it seems that if you have jump 6 engines then you use jump 6 fuel even if you only jump 2ps, this seems silly.
Second question.
What added weight limits would you put on a ship that had the inflatable fuel cells but used them in the cargo bay (you should be able to see where this is going).
I humbly await your learned and weighty replys.
Oh by the way you'r all wrong in section 1576479 of the original unpublished memorandum subsection 42 line 3 (penciled in the margin)it states "it's your game enjoy it how you like."
I realy do want replies i just weakened for a moment SORRY.
More sock race.
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