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Originally posted by Gnusam Netor:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Tobias:
I think that everyone can agree that obtaining unpaid PDFs of products that are still in print, or to be reprinted, by companies, is hurting the gaming industry.
I respectfully disagree.

1. I don’t see that – without exception – the gaming industry is hurt by “obtaining unpaid PDFs” as you wrote. In some cases sure, but not all.

2. In order to “hurt” the creator or copyright owner, you need to remove something from them. I don’t believe that income that they never got is something they lost – you can't lose what you never had.
</font>[/QUOTE]Under US law, this is a rationalization to support theft.

The whole point of copyright law is to prevent what you are suggesting.
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