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I like this idea of not having to pay for books or songs. Why can't I just copy one of my friends CD's or books? Why shouldn't it be free to file share music and books?

Hey! Here's an idea why not make cars free, when I need a new car I just go to the dealership and take one. Or when I need some electrical work on the house done I get an electrican to come over and fix the problem for free. If I really like the car I could send the manufacturer say a reasonable amount for it's value, say $5000 (if I have it to spare) or give the electrican $10 for fixing my wiring problem (if I have it to spare at the moment). I could go to the grocery store and take the food I need without paying, fantastic idea! Hell if we made everything free I wont have to work (of course if everything is free I wouldn't get paid for my work) then I could spend all my time playing games on the computer or sleeping in late.

Yes I like this idea of free, via file sharing, music and books.

Gnusam Netor (and others with similar views) what is your job? How do you earn money to live on? Would you do it for no pay? Why do you expect somgwriters, musicians, singers, authors and game designers to accept file sharing of their work without compensation? How would you like it if someone came to your house and borrowed your vehicle who loaned it to another, then another, etc. for weeks on end until somebody finally returns it to you only to have it borrowed the next day and the process repeats? Would you feel as if taken advantage of, exploited, abused? Don't you think the musicians, authors, etc feel that way when some one copies their work through file sharing?

And this comment:
"You like the law? well then, enforce it."

(or rather, make sure it is enforced by the government)
What keeps you from commiting murder, vigilant law enforcement or a sense of self responsibility and respect for your fellow man? Why not show that respect for another human by not file sharing?
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