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I think that everyone can agree that obtaining unpaid PDFs of products that are still in print, or to be reprinted, by companies, is hurting the gaming industry. I'll also say that the gaming industry has a much better point to make here for unlike the music and movie industries, who collect royalities for sold tapes, CD-Rs etc., they don't get a penny per download of Acrobat Reader or something ludicrous like that.

However, I would like to tackle one of the points made in the article: '"Out of print" does not matter legally.' While it is true that it remains illegal to distribute copyrighted material as long as the copyright holds (= several decades), it is likewise true that in case of products that are not in print and are not going to be reprinted, the damage to the copyright holder is not there. It is also true that situations in which legal copyrights are not enforced and free distribution is tolerated - without making the work PD - exist in other fields, namely "Abandonware" entertainment software. Ubi non accusator ibi non iudex.


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