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The continued story of the war in the coreward subsectors.

Turn 6

1st & 2nd Assault hold at Efate
65th Fleet holds at Jewell
15th Colonial refuels at Algebaster
14th Colonial jumps to Zircon

Combined fleets jump to Shionthy

212th Fleet splits - ground and BatRons at Balent, Assault Carrier jumps to Gireel 213th & 214th Fleets hold at Regina TF 17 and 1st Provisional begin moving forward

At Efate, the SDBs continue to hold out, though they're taking losses each turn.

At Jewell, the 65th Fleet manages to wipe out the last defenders. Plans are made to begin securing the rest of the cluster.

The 14th Colonial seizes Zircon quickly. The Neutral Zone Tour is back on track.

The defense battalions in Shionthy surrender immediately (vacumm world,
>1 enemy attack factor unopposed in system). I forbid Phill from giving
them a vacumm bath. [img]smile.gif[/img]

The 212th Fleet arrives at Gireel and finds no opposition. A Marine regiment is dropped on-planet to act as a garrison.

The ground battle on Balent sees some of the Vargr units destroyed, with the Imperials taking casualties in their smaller units. The BatRons overhead assist with bombardments.

The 213th and 214th Fleets at Regina get more bad news. News arrives of the Zhodani attack on Efate, the Battle of Dentus between the 212th and the Vargr, and word from the 193rd Fleet way down by the SW border of his intent (more on that in the Rimward sectors write-up to come). The commanders discuss this and beyond planning to stick together when they go don't make concrete plans.

Meanwhile, the reinforcements from the Imperial Rimward Forces (all J4 colonial units) enter the fray. The Imperial CINC has divided up what would be a fairly powerful force into three detachments - the 1st Provisional, TF 17 and the 187th Fleet. TF 17 and 1st Provisional are dispatched to the Regina theater to bolster the defenses there. They jump to Vreifeberger.

[Sidebar - at this point the Imperial CINC hadn't learned the extent of the Zhodani & SW operations in Vilis and Lanth subsectors. He'd gotten word of the size of the combined Assault Fleets and only just learned of the Vargr presence at Dentus. Still, in my opinion, keeping those units together in one or perhaps two fleets would have been a better move; looking at the Zhodani OOB, he should have realized he needed to build at least one strong force to engage the enemy. -John]

Turn 7

1st & 2nd Assault complete reduction of Efate
65th Fleet jumps to Ruby
14th Colonial refuels at Zircon
15th Colonial jumps to Narval

Combined fleets jump to Focaline

212th fleet - elements at Balent continue to engage, Assault Carrier to Uthith 213th & 214th Fleets hold at Regina TF 17 refuels at Vreifeberger 1st Provisional jumps to Keanu

The last Efate SDBs are silenced this turn. The inital objective of the Zhodani combined assault fleets is complete. The commanders decide to leave teh Ine Givar in charge of the planet and begin charting a course for Regina.

The 65th Fleet seizes Ruby. The 15th Colonial takes Narval, the last neutral world in the area.

The Vargr jump to Focaline. They wipe the local defense battalions out but run into trouble with the high-tech mercenary battalion Epsilon (TL16).

Meanwhile, the Vargr homeworlds have fallen to the Imperials. The 212th Fleet drops an infantry regiment at Uthith, while the other 212th fleet elements wipe out the last ground units on Balent.

The commanders of the 213th and 214th decide it's time to depart Regina.

Turn 8

1st & 2nd Assault jump to Knorbes
65th Fleet jumps to Emerald
14th Colonial jumps to Tremous Dex
15th Colonial refuels at Narval

Combined fleets hold at Focaline

212th Fleet reassembles at Balent
213th and 214th Fleet jump to Ruie
TF 17 jumps to K'Kirka
1st Provisional jumps to Yori

The Zhodani juggernaut starts down the pipe towards Regina, taking time as Brian put it to "tour the Ancients sites on Knorbes".

65th Fleet is able to seize Emerald without problem. Likewise, the 14th Colonial seizes Tremous Dex.

The Big Bad Wol- I mean, the Vargr, manage to knock out the mercs and capture Focaline. In typical Vargr fashion they don't plan to remain.

The 212th Fleet reassembles at Balent and prepares to return to Imperial space.

213th and 214th Fleet slip out of Regina to Ruie. They plan to jump to Yori where they will just miss the 1st Provisional Fleet - but they'll have a copy of his plans at that point and will be able to push to link up.

TF 17 reaches K'Kirka.

Word reaches both the reinforcing fleets of the attack on Efate, as well as the early incursions into Vilis subsector. As Larsen puts it in his message to me:
"Sweet Sufferin' Santanocheev! I was right and I HATE being right!

Efate is doomed, my 4 squadrons won't be able to do squat against that armada...

Must think...

You must be laughing yuor[sic] tuckus off!"


That was the last turn executed. Some nasty RL stuff forced me to put the game on hold at that point, and despite good intentions it never resumed.

Next message will detail the operations in the Vilis, Lanth and Sword Worlds sectors!
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