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Question Travellermap issue,who do I report it to?

Deneb 0731
been playing around in my playground (1st Sea Lord Roderick Wystan
Knight Defender of Qevar) and noticed planet literally got smaller between 1105 and 1248
man virus must have scoured the surface off for a few size codes
UWP: A 4 3 2 6 A E E
UWP: A 2 3 2 7 3 A E

literally is 3200km in size code smaller....

no complaints about the A->3 and E->A as they make sense.
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funniest thing maybe that I am a sealord on a hydro20% planet where water is literally more valuable than lives...

checking sources
Dave Nilsen in: "The Regency Sourcebook" has the world as size 2(1995)
Gary L. Thomas, Joe Fugate. in "Data/Library: Deneb." The Travellers' Digest 19 (1990) has the world as size 4

The following I don't have so I can't tell what the code should be for planet size.

Rob Caswell. "Domain of Deneb: Sector Data." MegaTraveller Journal 3 (1992)
JTAS Online More Adventures on Qevarby Mark Gellis published October 16, 2012
JTAS Online Adventures in the Qevar System by Mark Gellis published May 29, 2012
Mongoose Traveller: Deneb Sector (UWP only)
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with no expectation of remuneration or even credit (though some credit would be nice)
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