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Originally Posted by aramis View Post
There is, but the question is, "Will MWM put it on the revised disks if he offers it to MWM?"

Me, I have been really tempted to do such a thing, myself... even have a chunk of the PH done. But it's a lot of work correcting all those OCR errors. Let alone all the errata.
I gave into the temptation.

It is a lot of work. I have completed the Player's Manual, Referee's Manual, Imperial Encyclopedia, and the Referee's Companion. All I have left on them is to fix typos & spacing from my ctrl-C, ctrl-V skills. Which I am actually doing right now, along with folding in every extended character class I have ever used or seen. (For my personal use, obviously.)

I have also lashed together most of what would make up Nautical Force Command (The Wet Navy Series + Terry McInnes' unpublished expanded Sailor CharGen). I am starting on COACC next week, & I'll parallel NFC while I am fixing it up. As a side note, I found an 2 page article that Terry wrote on adding CBN to COACC, I am going to fold that back in.

I am going to get all of them done. My question right now is to I replace the artwork. One can make incredible things in PoserPro 2012.
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