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Originally posted by Aramis:
#10 would really wind up with Civil Service Bureacracy...
Yes, quite likely, if the regime-change will be "successful" and controlled - it will be a formal democracy (in terms of laws and institutions) but with alot of "drop-from-above" officials and deep ties to the Imperial bureaucracy in practice. however, remember that people hate "missionaries with bayonets" (as Robespierre once said) and might see the intervention attempt as equal, or worse, than the former dictator(s); this step is an example of trying to change the system from within and from the top to the bottom. The chance for this sparking off spontanous and independent revolts and revolutions is quite big, and then you can have virtually any kind government - including a dictator of the very kind that Dulinor has ousted.

Also, there are few things which angers the people more than a broken promise of freedom. Remember that Dulinor is still a High Noble and an Emperor - and he is used to make things happen by simply ordering them; his knowledge of the dynamics of the masses, not to mention of democratic proccesses, is quite limited in practical terms, even though he might have read quite alot about them in theory (old Terran books mostly). Democracy isn't some automatic evolution of the Human soul - it is a learnable skill and a goal won by hard struggle.

The contradictions between Dulinor's liberal ideals and his Imperial methods is an integral part of his character IMHO; in the end he'll probably be quite a tragic figure.
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