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Default Mongoose Traveller in the Trojan Reach 1 or 2 players wanted

I've been running a one to one, player to GM game currently set on Tanith, for some time, and we'd like to expand our game by one or two players. The game is on Myth-Weavers board and goes by "Surviving the Borderlands". Please check the file labeled the "Story so Far" and see if it's your cup of grog. So far the game has taken place entirely on Tanith, but is quickly approaching the point at which the story will be heading off world and then out of system, and our Vargr protagonist will need others to help him manage and operate a ship. (When and if he gets one)

I use Mongoose 1st edition rules with a variety of house rules added in/on. A good deal of the game is based on role play and character development, as well as world exploring and development too. That doesn't mean that there won't be plenty of opportunities to 'Shoot it out' when someone just really needs to be shot.

PMing me on Myth-Weavers is the quickest response option, followed by an email at my Gmail account ( Optipnally, I can be messaged here, but must confess that I don't check my messages here near as often as I should.
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