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Originally Posted by Barrel View Post
There is a 1996 made-for-TV movie originally called Star Command, now called In the Fold. I think it was meant to be a pilot but didn't get picked up. The writer was Melinda Snodgrass of ST:TNG. It was filmed in Berlin and had a lot of German actors in minor parts.

It had a Star Fleet Academy sort of premise, but the major Traveller-ish element was no FTL communication. Starships moved between systems in a process called "folding" much like jumping. Ship-to-ship combat was with missiles and lasers, with lasers also being used to defend against missiles. The bad guys were the spitting image of the Solomani Confederation.

It was obviously made on a tight budget and was perhaps a bit cheesy, but I really enjoyed it. It was never released on DVD but can usually be found on You Tube.
Despite the lack of budget, it had some rather impressive cameos...
Nigel Benett (LaCroix from Forever Knight)
Morgan Fairchild (who filled many a youth's fantasies)
Chad Everett (guest roles on many series, and a main cast member on Medical Center, which was on in the early 70's; almost everyone knows his face...)

And Ivan Sergei has gone on to a number of successful shows in supporting roles. Most memorably, Crossing Jordan.

It's worth noting that the producer, Melinda M. Snodgrass, come from Trek - writing TNG eps and IIRC a couple novels.
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