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Default 200 ton survey scout, TL10

This is my first design for 2300AD, so bear with me if I made any mistakes
Survey scout, 200 ton, TL10

The survey scout was an early exploration ship that proved unsuccessful, primarily because it was asked to do too much. Rather than carry a lander to investigate the surface of worlds, it was required that the ship be able to land and take off without assistance.

It uses a hybrid lifting body with VTOL to accomplish this. It's thrusters are capable of 2G for 10 hours. It's MHD turbine can operate for 360 hours (15 days) before it must be refuelled. The stutterwarp efficiency is a ponderous 1.07. A model 4 computer is installed and survey sensors are provided.

The survey scout carries a standard crew of 14 (seven bridge, two engineers, one steward and four scientists/surveyors, although the latter number can be doubled if required. Three labs, a library, briefing room and two autodocs are included. Gravity is generated via two retractable spin capsules (capsule one contains 8 staterooms, library, both autodocs, and three tons of cargo and capsule two contains six staterooms, three labs and the briefing room). Comfort level is +2 (+1 if more than four scientists/surveyors are carried)

Two PDCs are installed in jack turrets (mount one fires 1,2,3, mount two fires 4,5,6). 3.3 tons of additional cargo is carried in the main hull. Commonly, the cargo holds contain an inflatable base, a fuel station and two personal ATVs.

The ship was not made in large numbers and it proved unpopular and unsuccessful. A few still turn up in use by small governments or foundations who can't afford a better or more modern design

Cost is MLv 67.24.
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