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Default MediaStorm (Another Adventure Seed)

(Mods, please forgive me if you'd like these someplace else - I really didn't see any other good headings for adventure hook posts, but may have missed the obvious.)

The party is approached by a small group of attractive, fashionably-dressed sophonts (species matching the party majority) during a port/station stop. The leader of the group has a proposition - he/she is the star/host of one of the planet's rising social media buzz sites, and is looking to make it to the next level of popularity (and concurrent wealth). As such, they have struck upon the idea of following *you*, REAL travellers, on your adventures for a bit. The star and their crew promise to stay out of the way - all they want is the chance to see and livecast the incredible things your crew does, and to share their experiences as it happens. To let the residents of their world see what life as a starfarer is really like - the ups and downs, the drama and excitement, all the things that most have only imagined. As a financial incentive, they will offer 2000 credits per week, as well as covering all of their own expenses, with a goal of four weeks of travel. Of course, the party will keep whatever proceeds arise from other jobs in this time - the group just wants the opportunity to tag along.

The group consists of 3-5 members (no more than are in the adventuring group, or could be carried as passengers on the party vessel), all young, healthy, attractive and confident. Each will have a small amount of personal luggage (20kg), and normal effects. Additionally, the group has 20kg of media equipment, consisting of assorted camera drones, audio/video mixers, and broadcast media suitable for interface with any Model-1 or greater computer. Appropriate legal documents and waivers will be provided to contractually protect both sides - the adventuring party is not liable for the group's safety, but is also not allowed to recklessly endanger them. Appropriate legal/admin type skill checks will show no loopholes or apparent issues with the documents.

Once the group gets underway, things may get interesting:

1 - All is as it is portrayed. The group is young, naive, and enthusiastic to see the universe and make things happen. Planetside they will poke their nose into anything interesting, expecting the characters to get them out of trouble. Shipboard they will wander everywhere, with an almost soap-opera level of attempted seductions and drama involving the party and each other. Picture MTV/You-Tubers in space, and you get the idea...

2 - One (or more) of the group is a plant, relaying information on cargo, valuables and the like to pirates and hijackers, who will wait for the opportune moment to strike. Of course, to the others, a *real* space battle is just the thing for ratings.

3 - All the noteriety has brought the characters into the spotlight, giving some old enemy a heads-up on where they are now - and a potential vulnerability.

4 - A member of the group is attempting to smuggle some information/illicit item as part of the trip. Unfortunately they have already come to the attention of the authorities, who now think the characters are in on the deal.

5 - If you think war gets ugly, try show-business. A rival media group will be doing their best to sabotage the production - to include the ship and characters, if need be.

6 - The group is functioning as an espionage ring in plain sight... They will "accidentally" wander near military facilities during planetside trips, or attempt to otherwise gather information they shouldn't. How long until someone figures it out?
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