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Default Most Deadly Canon Creatures

What would people say are the most lethal (to humans) fauna in Charted Space that have appeared in canon? I'd like to put some in a research station "zoo."

- Chamax would seem to top the list.
- The Blobs from Azhanti High Lightning's Dead Ship scenario are one of the few demonstrated creatures that can apparently take on a man in battledress.
- Crested Jabberwock
- Daghshark, maybe
- Ice crawlers on Furioso in Solomani Rim.

Anything up there with the big boys?

(By canon, I mean the usual definition of Classic Traveller, JTAS, etc. rather than various licensed versions. I'm also excluding microorganisms, of course, and indirect hazards like reverse-engineered sentient chips overthrowing the Imperium, or Doyle's eel mucking your ship up.)
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