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Default Does anybody play Intercept

Hi, I am curious if anyone is playing my space combat game Intercept? I get a fair amount of hits and downloads on the blog but no real indication of anyone using it much. Pencil and paper, free, need to print out some mapsheets or maybe the rulebook.
Features: Integrates well with Traveller, LBB and Moongoose especially so. Has it's own design system to automate designing (Excel but pretty robust against doing anything in error).
Double-blind referee-less hidden movement.
Ready made designs for most of the smaller Traveller ships.
Lots of rules on planet line of sight, docking, aerobraking, ramming etc that pop up a lot in roleplaying situations but is rarely covered by any ruleset.
// My current campaign started 1986 and is still going strong
// Use my free Traveller design and space combat system Intercept:
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