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</font><blockquote>code:</font><hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family: monospace;">CIVILIZATION ENERGY PRODUCTION
type I all planet based sources
type II the total energy produced by stars,
i.e. Dyson sphere like energy collectors
type III the total energy of thousand or millions of stars;
or pulsars;
or black holes;
or the energy of a galactic core</pre>[/QUOTE]That's one of those "egghead" ideas that looks profound but in practical terms falls flat.

I don't think the basis of scale alone is a good measure of energy production. For example, stars aren't an efficient "engine" by any means. The unimaginable cost of construction for a Dyson sphere imposes an excessive return on investment period.

Controlled fusion (even the remarkably inefficient kind envisioned in Traveller) yields far more useable power. An advanced culture that siphoned hydrogen from stars to put into use with higher efficiency would be better off. That's after you swallow the idea that there isn't enough hydrogen from non-stellar sources to power this hypothetical super-culture.

Singularitites, zero-point energy and the like are no farther-fetched than harnessing "galactic" energies. Does that mean constructing multi-light-year scale structures to dwarf Dyson spheres? Talk about a waste...
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